Scott Elementary Raises over $24,000 for American Heart Association

Students “slimed” teachers during the “Jump Rope for Heart” celebration assembly held at Scott Elementary School. SES students raised over $24,000 for the American Heart Association. Teacher volunteering for the messy event were (L-R) Mical Barnes – PE grades K-2, Carolyn Palmer – Music grades 3-5, Kellen Kettwich – Assistant Principal, and Michelle Padilla – Classroom Aide. HERALD

Students at Scott Elementary School raised $24,918.78 for the American Heart Association through the “Jump Rope For Heart” fundraising event.  In celebration of the event’s success, a special assembly was held Friday, March 17, where selected students were allowed to “slime” teacher volunteers with – cold, green, extremely gross looking – slime. Fundraising was held during the month of February.

The “Jump Rope For Heart” is a national education and fundraising event sponsored by the American Heart Association and the Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE).  The is offered to elementary and middle schools to help empower students to improve their own health while helping other kids with special heart-health issues.
Scott Elementary School began the “Jump Rope for Heart” program during the 2007-2008 school year.  Since then, they’ve only missed one year.  The total raised by the students in nine years is an astonishing $145,159.23.
Along with gift incentives from the American Heart Association, 183 students received tickets to a Grizzlies baseball game in May where they will participate in a parade on the field.
The top three students will throw out the first pitch at the Grizzlies’ baseball game.  These students collected an astonishing amount for the “Jump Rope for Heart” event and were awarded plaques from the American Heart Association.  They included: Cooper Johnson $1,120, Peyton Beam $1,147, and Cayden Harper $1,255.
The top four students in the school will be allowed to be “Principal for a Day.”  They included: William Erdelac, Cooper Johnson, Peyton Beam, and Cayden Harper.
Top collectors in each class will be allowed to be a “Physical Education Teacher for a Day.”
For those who collected over $200, they will enjoy sandwiches from Subway during a lunch period.

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