Mascoutah School District: The Alumni Field Project

Submitted by Mascoutah District #19

MASCOUTAH – District #19, in conjunction with its booster clubs, parents, and community members have launched the “Alumni Field Campaign.” This project is a commitment to providing an outdoor athletic field environment to ensure our students have a safe surface that is available year round in all kinds of weather. This is a surface that can be used for numerous outside activities.
Currently, our stadium is used less than 20 days per year due to the inability to keep the surface safe and maintained over an extended period. The current stadium field dimensions do not accommodate soccer. Replacing our grass surface with an artificial one will allow us to use the stadium for soccer, band, and physical education. The artificial surface will allow us to use the stadium more than 150 times per year. Groups that could use this surface outside of the ones previously mentioned would include Little League Soccer, Little League Football, Middle School Soccer, as well as a practice surface to many teams when their fields are not playable.
The cost of a new artificial surface is approximately $750,000. This includes new curbs, foundation, materials, new drainage, warranty, general maintenance equipment, and the all-weather artificial grass. The turf life is between 12 and 15 years. The replacement cost at that time is between $250,000 and 300,000.
There is a significant savings in the maintenance of the artificial surface over a natural grass field. We believe the annual savings of more than $20,000 a year along with a substantial increase in its available uses helps justify the initial investment.
Our athletic department, along with a steering committee, has begun the process of raising money for this project. The Board of Education has given us approval to start the installation process once we raise the first $500,000 toward this project, with a continued commitment to raising the money to cover the entire cost. We are over half way towards our initial goal with approximately $270,000 committed to the project. If the $500,000 initial goal is reached by the March school board meeting, we will begin the process to get the new turf installed for the 18-19 school year.
We need the community support for this project to become a reality; please contact our athletic department as there are several different donation and advertisement options for businesses or individuals.
Own The “GRID” Iron
Join our fundraising efforts for the Alumni Field by purchasing a symbolic ownership piece of the new field in MHS Stadium by participating in our “Own the Grid-Iron” fundraiser. The entire stadium field has been broken into 1yd x 1yd squares.
COST: $50 per square yard of ownership. $100 per square yard of PREMIUM ownership. (Indian Head or Endzone location)
For each square yard of Alumni Field purchased, the owner will receive a certificate depicting their ownership and the actual location of that exact yard on the field they own. The area will be assigned randomly after purchase, and a certificate will be sent out immediately upon payment.
Turf ownership can be purchased in a couple of different ways. There will be students out in the community selling these opportunities, and they will be available at the MHS main office during regular business hours. They will also be available for purchase at varsity home football, volleyball, and basketball games.

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