Clinton Manor Living Center Celebrates 30 years

NEW BADEN – Clinton Manor Living Center (CMLC) and their sister company Southern Illinois Community Supports Services (SICSS) held their annual banquet recently at the American Legion in New Baden. 2018 marked the 30th anniversary of the organization. Their theme this year was “Glo Party.”
As a part of the program, several staff were recognized in an awards ceremony.
Recipients and categories included:
The Team Spirit awards:
• Direct Support Employees Ashley Linder, Kyle Mabone, Brittany Pugh, Eulisa Roberts, Alicia Strotheide, Adam Timbrook, Nicole Upton, Michael Warnecke, Kyle Wright, Amanda Gill, Amber Emmerich, Kayla Taylor and Amanda Haar.
According to CEO Michael Brave, “This team and the spirit of each member promotes a “good enough for me” level of care and truly empowers, encourages and enhances the lives of the residents.”
• Medical Transportation team Jennifer Kenner & Barbara Monike-“This team has worked well together for several years.   They are reliable and dependable, they work with each other to get the job done.   They have to take direction and requests from many departments in this building and make appointments happen in short periods of time.” Brave said, “They have to make sure all 84 residents get to their appointments and information gets back to our team”
Nancy Renth Everything Counts Award:
Tammy West, CNA- “She is an all around exemplary employee. She always has a positive attitude no matter where she works, CNA, Activities, Dietary, Housekeeping and laundry. Her willingness to help out in all the departments she is trained in has been above and beyond anyone’s expectations,” said Brave.
Don Ratermann Direct Support Awards:
• Marshay Wiley, DSP- According to Eric Schuetz, a resident of CMLC “Marshay deserves this award because she treats me like I am an adult and treats all residents with respect.  She interacts with us like we are her equal.”
• Kim Rakers, CNA- “She provided great care to those we support and communicates with them in a positive manor, she validates how they are feeling when then are distressed or depressed which helps them feel heard and cared for.” said Brave
• Scott Hawk, LPN-  Brave Commented, “He demonstrates good nursing judgement and his assessments/work is very thorough.  He has given residents’ families have a sense of security. “
Roger Richard Above and Beyond Awards:
• Telisha Spencer, DSP- “She often works extended hours to make sure the needs of the house are met.  In this past year, this staff arranged a memorial service after an individual passed, made little pillows and stuff animals out of the clothing of the deceased individual, assisted an individual with losing over 30 pounds by teaching them to make good choices”, said Brave. “in addition to creating a comfortable and intimate family environment for all of the individuals in the CILA.”
• Nikki Meadows, DSP- “She is positive, uplifting and creates an environment that feels safe, happy and comfortable for the individuals and staff,” said Brave. “She has worked with several individuals and has improved their quality of life and in some instances brought out their personalities and has helped them develop relationships with other staff, departments and peers.”
Wayne Messick Agency Mission Awards:
• Jeff Koonz, CNA- “He really develops a trusting relationship with each resident making them feel safe, happy and supporting them to live a comfortable life,” said Brave.  “Over the years when running into past residents or families this is the person they always ask about and usually have a story of their kindness and great care or just say how much their family member loved them.”
• Cristal Leonard, Social Services- “She develops relationships with all of the residents and takes the time to always speak with them,“ commented Brave. “This is evidenced by the line of residents outside her door on any given day.  She goes to great lengths to know their dreams, wishes, like and dislikes.  She does everything she can to make their dreams come true.”
Dream, Believe, Dare, and Do Award:
Marah Elliott, DSP- “This staffer listened and heard a soft voice sharing a dream that has always been in one of her individuals’ heart,” said Brave.  “She set out and found a way to make that dream come true.”
30-Years Awards:
In addition to the regular awards, two employees celebrated 30 years at CMLC/SICSS – Flo McMasters and Jim Lopresto. “Flo was here when I walked in 30 years ago and she really cared about the residents. I am so grateful for her and look forward to her continued support,” said Brave, “And the one thing I continue to appreciate about Jim is that he keeps our compass pointed to true north, focused on our mission and vision and I will always respect and honor him for that.”
For more information contact Mary Lynam-Miller, Public Relations 618-975-6724

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