Mascoutah Police Department Releases Distracted Driving Numbers for April

Throughout the month of April, the Mascoutah Police Department partnered with the Illinois Department of Transportation and more than 100 local law enforcement agencies throughout the state to educate motorists on the aspects of distracted driving and enforcing applicable state laws.
From April 1st to April 30th, the Mascoutah Police Department expended 84 hours and issued 107 traffic citations, 28 written warnings and made one arrest for a wanted individual.  The enforcement was funded by a grant through the Illinois Department of Transportation.
Below is the breakdown of the violations:
Distracted Driving / Improper Use of Electronic Communication Device – 82 Citations, 16 Warnings
Speeding – 3 Citations, 5 Warnings
Improper Lane Usage – 1 Citation, 6 Warnings
Disobeyed Stop Sign – 1 Warning
Disobeyed Traffic Control Signal – 2 Warning
Failure to Signal when Required – 1 Warning
Suspended Driver’s License or No Valid Driver’s License – 3 Citations
Operating Uninsured Vehicle – 13 Citations, 5 Warnings
Improper Display of Registration – 1 Warning
Operating Vehicle with Expired Registration – 1 Citation, 1 Warning
No Valid Registration – 1 Warning
Seat Belt – Driver – 1 Citation
Driver’s License Not on Person – 3 Warnings
Failure to Notify S.O.S. of Address Change – 5 Warnings
Defective Windshield – 1 Warning
Unlawful Possession of Cigarrettes – 1 Warning
Unlawful Possession of Cannabis – 1 Citation
Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia – 1 Citation
Unlawful Possession of Alternative Nicotine Device – 1 Citation
Wanted on Warrant – 1 Citation

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