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School Board Forecasts Expenses of $72M in FY23

Departments are reporting
a 15-20 percent increase
in supply costs and
professional services

By Keith Gillett
Herald Publications

MASCOUTAH – During its July meeting, the Mascoutah District 19 School Board approved the publication of the preliminary FY23 expenditure budget.
According to Dr. Frank Williams, executive director of business and operations, “As the administration continues to discuss expenses associated with the 2022-23 school year and with achieving the Board goals, I will adjust the budget. However, the expenses calculated in the Final FY23 budget that I will present at the September 13 meeting cannot exceed the Preliminary FY23 Budget expenses.”
Dr. Williams provided a preliminary expenditure budget to the Board that forecast expenses of just over $72 million, with budget revenues of $64.6 million.
Dr. Williams noted that the budget incorporates increases in salaries, benefits and retirement taxes for all departments and increases are built in for inflation impact on supplies, fuel, and professional services. He said that departments are reporting a 15 to 20 percent increase in supply costs and professional services.
The preliminary budget will be published in The Herald and will be available for review at the Administrative Support Center.
At its June meeting the Board approved an amended FY22 budget for $66.19 million, with an anticipated surpluse of about $200,000.
In other business, the Board:
• Approved a Board study session for August 13 at 8 am to discuss the process for a superintendent search.
• Approved the purchase of Illustrative Math Instructional materials using a DODEA Grant provided by the Department of Defense for $28,159 for the Mascoutah High School math department, with an additional $10,000 allocated Kendall Hunt Publishing.
The purchase is for instructional materials that will allow teachers to facilitate strategies they learned at a special University of Northern Iowa course, with students in their classrooms.
• Approved the attendance at RTI PLC Conference in October to be held in St. Louis. A total of 30 individuals, (teachers, school psychologists and administrators) will attend at a rate of $689 each for $20,670.
• Approved food and supply contracts for the 2022-23 school year for $720,000. There were three companies that bid – Kohls Wholesale, Interboro Packaging Company, and MJ Keller. The contracts with the three firms will provide items for school breakfasts and lunches.
• Approved the District’s annual Microsoft license renewal for $20,582. The renewal is for the purchase of a Microsoft server and end user licensing from Softchoice Corp. for the 2022-23 school year.
• Approved the purchase of E-Rate consulting services from E-Rate Funding Solutions LLC for $20,091. The District has used this service for more than five years.
• Approved the purchase of Info-tech Research Group Consulting Service for $20,675.
• Approved on second reading the update of District policy updates for six areas.
• Approved a resolution making public the executive session minutes for the six-month period of January through June 2022, and to destroy verbatim recordings older than 18 months. A total of five closed session meetings during that period are affected.
Approved the following certified personnel actions:
• Hired: Blakely Robinson as PE teacher at Wingate Elementary; Catherine Jasionowski as a math teacher at Mascoutah Middle School; Amy Amann as a PE teacher at Mascoutah Middle School; Kara Nolte as a special education teacher at Mascoutah Elementary School; Jill Hercules as a business teacher at Mascoutah High School; Angela Hunt as a family and consumer science teacher at MHS; Bryan Fenzi as a music teacher at WES; Michelle Podesva-Ketcherside as a special education teacher at SES; Elizabeth Anderson as a special education teacher at MES; Lauren Maxwell as a third grade teacher at MES; Amy Grochowalksi as a seventh grade special education eacher at MMS; Paige Kurwicki as a fifth grade teacher at WES; and Laura Kehr as a third grade teacher at SES.
• Approved the following transfers: Nicole Perkins, a fifth grade teacher at MES to special education teacher at MES; and Laura Hesker, a fifth grade teacher at WES to fifth grade teacher at MES.
• Accepted the following resignations: Stacie Gutierrez as music teacher at WES; Kailey Schuette as third grade teacher at SES; Brandy Meyer as sixth grade special education teacher at MMS; and Elizabeth Gober as a third grade teacher at MES.
• Approved the following extra duty recommendations: Caitlyn Black for JV cheer at MHS; and Faith Schallert as cheer coach at MMS.
• Accepted the following extra duty resignations: Morgan Curry as varsity softball head coach at MHS; Jessica Zerjal as cheer coach at MMS; and Katie Elbe as eighth grade girls basketball coach at MMS.
Approved the following classified personnel actions:
• Hired: Anais Becker as an individual care aide at MES; Phyllis Fulton as an individual care aide at WES; Cynthia Baird as an individual care aide at WES; Kalei Grandadam as an individual care aide at MES; Julie Mueller as an individual care aide at MES; Julie Mueller as an individual care aide at MES; Jennifer Shuman as an instructional aide at MHS; Debbie Nordmann as a bus driver; Carrie Grimes as a bus driver; John Norrenberns as a bus driver; George Emerick as a bus driver; Dawn Pace as a pre-K instructional aide at WES; Rachel Howe as an individual care aide at SES; and Lindsay Millett-Bryant as an individual care aide at MES.
• Transferred: Loretta Cain, an individual care aide at SES to instructional aide at SES.
• Resignations: Larissa McCulloch as special education pre-K at WES; Amari Douglas as a special education instructional aide at WES; Nicholas Mueller as a grounds/sub custodian; Chonlatip May Vuttilerdanum as supervisory aide at MES; and Devyn Seymour as an instructional aide at SES.
In his report to the Board, District Superintendent Dr. Craig Fiegel briefly discussed the revisions to Mission, Vision Beliefs, and Strategic Goals. “As the District grows in the PLC (Professional Learning Community) process, administration has recognized the need to update the wording to reflect our commitment. The edits reflect a mindset shift, more about student learning and our work supporting learning for all.”
Dr. Fiegel also reported that student registration was now open and can be done online. He reminded everyone registering on line to download proof of residency.
The Board also heard a report from the K-3 advanced learning committee with recommendations and a plan to move forward.
Prior to the public meeting the Board met in closed session to discuss collective bargaining, a potential legal issue and to review closed session minutes.
The next schedule meeting of the Mascoutah District 19 School Board is 7 p.m. August 16th at the Administrative Support Building.

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    Good job blowing the budget before the school year even starts.

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