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First Annual Art Show at Library and Leu

By Zachary Daum

On April 29 the Leu Civic Center and Mascoutah Library will be hosting their first annual collaboration Art Contest for grades K through 12. Available to anyone in the Metro-East area, the contest will be divided into three groups by age. Grades K through 5 will not be judged, while 6 to 8 and 9 to 12 will be judged. There will be no fee to enter, but each person will only be allowed 2 entries in the overall competition and each piece may only be entered into one category.

Art teachers from Mascoutah High School have been involved in the planning and judging of this contest. At this time they are planning to judge the contestants on five categories; photography, drawing, painting, three-dimensional art and mixed media. Each category is currently planning to only be offering prizes for first place. There will also be an award for best in show. Awards will be given at the sole discretion of the judges.

A working guideline for submissions has been drafted. The maximum size for any two-dimensional judged pieces is 16 inch by 20 inch, including matting and frame. Works must be displayable on a wall or easel. Three-dimensional works must be displayable on a tabletop. Larger pieces will be considered but must be reviewed by the art show director beforehand. Art must be ready for exhibition when delivered.

During the show, other events will be taking place. Art demonstrations will be available during the show and the library will also be displaying a small gallery of miniature canvases with art made by library patrons. There are also food trucks planned to provide services to visitors of the event.

The Leu Civic Center and Mascoutah Library will also soon begin to offer events in the coming weeks and months to support both the show and help inspire students to create pieces to be entered in the show.

Leu Civic Center Director Jenna Smith is excited for this program “We are so excited to work with Mascoutah Public Library on the Metro East Youth Art show and bring a unique opportunity to all the students in the area that may not have had a chance to celebrate their talents!”

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