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Forest Park Owls Event Held at Mascoutah Public Library

Glenshaw presenting at the Mascoutah Public Library

By Jade Marceau-Mary

For the second time ever, The Mascoutah Public Library hosted the Forest Park Owls event with Mark H.X. Glenshaw. Glenshaw has been studying owls’ life and behavior for the past 17 years in Forest Park in St. Louis, MO, starting in 2007. Since a very young age, Glenshaw has always been passionate about wildlife, but it’s only after he moved nearby Forest Park in St. Louis in 1995 that he fell in love with the park and he started to take his interest seriously. Today, Glenshaw gives an average of 50 talks per year over MO and IL and an average of 72 private tours per year in Forest Park, MO. Glenshaw previously received the 2006 citizen scientist award from the Academy of Sciences of STL for his work and research on owls and their lifestyle.

Glenshaw’s presentations can discuss his research on owls’ hunting and feeding, as well as how to find owls near our home. However, similarly to the one presented at the Mascoutah Public Library, presentations often discuss owls’ mating, nesting and owlets. Each presentation differs from one to another depending on its audience. It is a way for the audience to look more in-depth into the various subjects Glenshaw studied using personal images, videos and audio. Through this presentation, one could learn how, when, and where owls make nests; How the babies are fed, how they grow and when and how they leave the nest. It can be interesting and lucrative time for kids and grown-ups. Glewshaw describes the goal of his involvement to show that, “Anyone can be a naturalist, regardless of their degree or level of education, it’s all about your interest in nature.”

Along with his presentation, Glenshaw also gives tours around Forest Park to educate the public on owls’ lifestyles. People interested reach out via email and receive a free private tour around Forest Park. After each tour, Visitors are welcome to donate to Forest Park 4ever, a non-profit organization that maintains, sustains, and rebuilds necessary facilities in Forest Park. For more information, contact

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