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Mascoutah Welcomes New Superintendent to District

Dr. Dave Deets

By Jade Marceau–Mary

Mascoutah, IL School District will welcome a new superintendent, Dr. Dave Deets, on July 1st, 2023. Deets was born and raised in the St. Louis Metro East. He spent his entire professional career within St. Clair County, between O’Fallon SD 90, Marissa CUSD 40, and Harmony-Emge SD 175, where he worked for 13 years. Deets is a regular to responsibilities, he started his career as a social studies teacher before becoming a principal, curriculum coordinator, and finally superintendent. For Deets and his family, it is now an honor to be a part of the Mascoutah community. “I was also excited about the idea of raising my family in the Mascoutah school community and feel[ing] the purple pride that so many have,” Deets said. Mascoutah’s new superintendent spent the past several months getting to know the board members, administrative team, and several teachers/staff to find ways to best “reflect, evaluate, and keep striving” to provide “the best opportunities for all of our students to reach their fullest potential,” Deets said. As Deets moves into office, he first wants to take time to build relationships, listen, and evaluate what works well and what needs improvement by learning and targeting the unique needs of the Mascoutah School District. Deets foresees he will face

some challenges and unanticipated situations as his role implies, especially now that he is moving to this larger school district. As Deets said, the Mascoutah school district is a “unique but great mix of rural, suburban, and military influences,” but Deets is confident that they “will be able to work through those challenges together.” Deets wishes to bring a leadership style, that is “open and honest communication and high expectations for both myself and the district,” said Deets. So far, Deets spent enough time transitioning to the Mascoutah School District to realize space was going to be one of his main focuses and challenges. “Due to continually rising student enrollment and access to so much more land within our district boundaries, I think it’s safe to say Mascoutah 19 is not done growing. Fortunately, managing building improvements and construction projects is an area I feel very comfortable with so I look forward to leading Mascoutah through that continued growth,” Deets said. Deets is now filled with mixed feelings when it comes to thinking about the time he will take in being introduced to the Mascoutah community and about his family moving to a new school district. “I’m very optimistic and anxious to get started,  I’m just very grateful to the Mascoutah Board of Education for giving me this opportunity and also to Dr. Fiegel for his many years leading this district. Dr. Fiegel has been incredibly supportive and gracious with his time allowing me to transition these past several months and I wish him all the best in a well-earned retirement. But, as we get closer to July 1, I get more and more excited to get started and believe some great days lie ahead for Mascoutah 19,” Deets said.

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  1. Anonymous on September 12, 2023 at 4:24 pm

    It’s a shame that he’s a superintendent now. I was a student of his in junior high and his classroom policies were filled with sexist policies. He once told us only women could keep score during extra credit games and he wouldn’t change his policy unless wheel of fortune fired Vanna White and hired a man in her place. He coached the track team and only selected female managers

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