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Riley Renth Crowned 2023 Mascoutah Little Princess

Riley Renth, center, won the Little Princess Homecoming Contest, with 5355 votes. 1st runner up was Brinley York, right, and 2nd runner up, left, was Cecilia Climaco. (Photo by Lisa Fertig)

By Zachary Daum

The 97th Annual Mascoutah Homecoming und AugustFest, a cornerstone of the town’s summer traditions, returned for another exciting chapter this year. Despite the hot weather and evening storms, visitors flocked to Scheve Park over the course of three days from August 4 to 6, to enjoy the festivities.

One of the most adorable highlights of the homecoming was the coronation of the Little Miss Mascoutah Homecoming Princess. The stage at the Train Depot in Scheve Park held the location for the crowning of this year’s princess.

This year’s princess candidates showcased their charisma and talent during the competition. The charming contenders included:

Summer Rose Kittel, 6-year-old Kindergartener at Mascoutah Elementary School. She is the daughter of Natalie Turner and Christopher Kittel and granddaughter of Marsha and John Kittel and Marylin Kittel. Summer Rose is passionate about gymnastics and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. She’s also proud to be the owner of a German Shepherd puppy named Bas Ruffen. Summer Rose was sponsored by the Mascoutah Sportsman.

Brinley York is a 6-year-old 1st grader at Mascoutah Elementary School. The daughter of Camille Sopko & Justin York, Brinley has a deep passion for art and dance and her love for all things “pug” related is evident. She aspires to be an art teacher when she grows up and is also a fan of cheerleading, tumbling and dancing. Brinley was sponsored by the Zonta Club.

Cecilia Climaco, a 6-year-old 1st grader at Mascoutah Elementary School. The daughter of Mykll and Madison Climaco, Cecilia is a vibrant personality who enjoys swimming, gymnastics, and playing video games like Pokémon and Animal Crossing. She has a penchant for fashion, roller skating and spending quality time with her family. Cecilia was sponsored by the Noon Lions.

Arleigh Morton, a 6-year-old 1st Grader at Mascoutah Elementary School. The daughter of Kyle and Kari Morton, Arleigh’s interests encompass playing outdoors, coloring, reading and tumbling around. She cherishes moments with her family and finds joy in creative activities like writing. Arleigh was sponsored by the Mascoutah Rotary Club.

McKenzie Edwards Schuld is an 8-year-old 3rd grader at Mascoutah Elementary School. The daughter of Nina Schuld Rhine and Aaron Rhine, McKenzie is a multi-talented individual who enjoys activities ranging from playing games and trampolining to singing and dancing. Her artistic inclinations extend to guitar playing, drawing and painting. McKenzie was sponsored by the Mascoutah Jaycees.

Riley Renth is a 7-year-old 2nd grader at Mascoutah Elementary School. The daughter of Eric and Amanda Renth, Riley is an enthusiastic tumbler who adores spending time with her family and has a particular fondness for camping. With a kind heart and two brothers, she embraces life’s adventures with zest. Riley was sponsored by the Mascoutah Chamber of Commerce.

After much anticipation, the winners of this year’s competition were revealed. In the third-place position, the 2nd Runner-up was Cecilia Climaco, sponsored by the Noon Lions. Claiming the first runner-up position was Brinley York, sponsored by the Zonta Club. However, the spotlight ultimately shone on Riley Renth, who was crowned the 2023 Little Miss Mascoutah Homecoming Princess with an impressive 5355 votes. Riley’s sponsor for the competition was the Mascoutah Chamber of Commerce.

The Mascoutah community extends its heartfelt gratitude to all the volunteers, workers and organizers who dedicated their time and effort to ensure the success of this year’s homecoming. The event not only provides an opportunity for fun and merriment but also plays a crucial role in the town’s economy, attracting visitors and businesses alike.

As another chapter comes to a close, the town eagerly looks forward to next year’s festivities, building on the vibrant traditions that make the Mascoutah Homecoming und AugustFest a cherished annual event.

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