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Mascoutah School District Employee Charged – Statement Issued

In a letter addressed to the Mascoutah community on September 28, 2023, Dr. Dave Deets, the Superintendent of Mascoutah School District 19, announced that the district’s administration had received notification of charges against a recently hired non-certified employee. The statement sought to provide clarity and assurance to the families and stakeholders of the school district.

According to the communication, the alleged criminal offense involving the employee did not take place on school property and did not involve any students or other school personnel. The district took swift action to ensure the safety of its students by confirming that the employee in question would not be allowed on school premises and would have no contact with students while criminal charges are pending.

Dr. Deets emphasized the school district’s unwavering commitment to maintaining a safe and secure learning environment, stating, “Mascoutah 19 takes our obligation to provide our students with a safe learning environment very seriously and will continue to do so.”

However, due to the sensitive nature of the situation, the district indicated that it was unable to provide any further comments or details regarding the personnel matter. This decision aligns with the standard protocol for handling personnel issues and respects the privacy and legal rights of all parties involved.

As the situation unfolds, Mascoutah School District 19 has pledged to stay alert, monitoring developments and adhering to legal and privacy regulations while keeping parents, guardians and stakeholders informed to the extent possible. For any inquiries or concerns related to this matter, the district encouraged individuals to reach out directly to the administration office.

Included below is the full letter released by Mascoutah Superintendent Dr. Dave Deets

Mascoutah families and stakeholders,

On September 28, 2023, Mascoutah 19 administration was notified that a recently hired non-certified employee was charged with a criminal offense. Based on the information we have received the alleged criminal offense did not occur on school property and did not involve any school employees or students.  

This employee will not be on school property and will have no contact with any students while criminal charges are pending.  Mascoutah 19 takes our obligation to provide our students with a safe learning environment very seriously and will continue to do so.

As this matter not only relates to pending criminal charges but also a personnel matter, we are not authorized to make any further comments related to personnel issues. 

Dr. Dave Deets


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