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New Genesis Wrestling’s “Forsaken” Delivers a Night of Unforgettable Matches

New Genesis Wrestling’s Forsaken was held at the Leu Civic Center on October 21 at 7:00 PM to a crowd, excited after the Mascoutah Fall Festival activities, of which some NGW wrestlers made an appearance at.

The event kicked off with an intense showdown between B-Rad and Sid Holland, with B-Rad putting his unofficial title on the line. After a match that saw B-Rad do his absolute best to defend his unofficial title, Sid defeated B-Rad by submission. However, what transpired after the match was even more surprising. Sid’s former tag team partner, Jake Prater, entered the ring and held up one of their tag team shirts, stating loudly, “it’s time.” Before they could discuss their future, CW Graves attacked them, setting the stage for a possible feud that had the crowd buzzing.

CW Graves wasn’t done with his challenges for the night. He issued an open challenge, and Shrapnel answered the call. The two warriors went head-to-head in an intense battle, with Graves ultimately emerging victorious, leaving the fans in awe of his resilience.

The third match of the night pitted Brujo Shama against Curtis Payne, who was accompanied by Playboy Double H. Shama’s entrance with a live snake left the audience in shock and awe. The match that followed was a test of willpower and strength, with Shama emerging as the victor.

In a thrilling contest for the NGW Lightning Division Championship, TJ Kellis faced the champion, El Magnifico, who came to the ring with a brick adorned with googly eyeballs, aptly named “Brick Lesnar.” The match was an absolute spectacle, but El Magnifico successfully retained his title, earning a well-deserved round of applause from the crowd.

During the intermission, a children’s costume contest added a touch of fun to the evening. Two lucky winners, 6-year-old Lucas from Arnold, Missouri, and 9-year-old Penelope from Mascoutah, walked away with McDonald’s gift cards.

The tag team match between The Omen and the Executive Order was filled with drama. After an early attempt to end the match resulted in a disqualification, the contest was restarted. If a champion loses due to disqualification, the title does not exchange hands. Despite various tricks and the use of one of the titles itself as a weapon, the Executive Order retained their championship.

Playboy Double H, accompanied by Curtis Payne, took on Ace Hawkins in what became a heated street fight. This was the third of a best of five matches between the two. Their battle raged around the merchandise tables and saw both competitors display incredible ferocity. The match ended in a draw due to the time limit, but the animosity between the two wrestlers continued, resulting in a second match that ended in yet another draw. This also counted towards their fourth match in the series. The intensity of their rivalry left the fans in awe.

The night’s main event saw New Genesis Heavyweight Champion, Chris Kade, square off against Pretty Boy Floyd. The match was filled with suspense as Floyd, wearing a Predator mask, turned out to be a decoy. Kade seized the opportunity to launch an attack but continued to use distractions to his advantage. A thrilling back-and-forth battle ended with Kade securing the win using a chain as a weapon, provided by Co-CEO Jason Halbert, who was disguised as a referee. The announcement of a rematch between Kade and Floyd left fans eagerly anticipating the next showdown.

As the night came to a close, Pretty Boy Floyd showed his lighter side by distributing candy to the young fans in the audience, ending the evening on a sweet note.

NGW’s “Forsaken” event delivered a night of unforgettable wrestling action, leaving fans hungry for more. The anticipation is building for their next show, “The Next Level,” scheduled for January 20th at the Leu Civic Center. Wrestling enthusiasts can look forward to more thrilling matches and surprises from NGW in the future.

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