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Lebanon Council Discusses Ordinance Changes at Meeting

By Sean Ditch

Lebanon held its final city council meeting for the month of November at City Hall on Monday, November  27th at 6:30. All alderpersons with the exception of Charles Bennett were in attendance for the meeting.

Alderperson Ulanda Branch opened discussion on an unnamed citizen of Lebanon having a parked vehicle on their property that had been there for a long time. Police Chief David Roth and City Attorney Michael McGinley shared their thoughts on the legality of the matter. They both expressed similar thoughts on the enforcement of a particular ordinance, and shared that rewording an ordinance that is already in place was in the works.

Alderperson George Fero expressed interest in having a discussion of a possible bike path that would connect from the new MetroLink Station being built at MidAmerica Airport. Discussion was held then on other details of the matter, such as upkeep, mowing, and real estate. Talks about who would potentially be liable to shovel snow came up. As it was only a discussion on the matter, there were no blueprints or voting.

In the committee reports, the following were voted on unanimously by the seven Alderspersons in Attendance:

The Ordinance Committee presented for approval the Ordinance Assigning Development Agreement For Tif Incentives for Dollar Tree Development in Tif Number One from KC DT II LLC to KC DT III LLC.

Cemetery recommended the writing of an Ordinance to transfer monies in the Cemetery Trust to First Federal Savings Bank. This was then followed by approval of the ordinance The Mayor to Execute Any Documents Required to Transfer The Lebanon Cemetery Trust From Regions Bank to First Federal Savings Bank.

Public Property then recommended the purchase of six additional trash receptacles for the Brick Street, with the cost of them totalling $3,300. This cost included postage and handlings. The monies will come from Non-Home Rule Sales Tax.

City Clerk Luanne Holper then presented the alderpersons with the proposed 2024 City Council and Committee Meeting Schedule. The schedule was then voted on by the alderpersons, and approved by a vote of 6-1.

The next Lebanon City Council Meeting will be held Monday, December 11th at 6:30 PM at City Hall. All Lebanon Citizens are welcome to attend.

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