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Playboy Double H Takes Home Best Wrestler of the Year at NGW

Playboy Double H knocked Ace Hawkins to the mat with a chair shot during October’s Forsaken event at the Leu Civic Center. That match went on the be chosen as the best of the year.

By Zachary Daum

Arguably New Genesis Wrestling’s (NGW) most controversial wrestler, Playboy Double H took home the prestigious title of NGW Wrestler of the Year after a community vote. Known for his intense fighting style and polarizing persona, Playboy Double H took a moment to share his journey, reflections on his win and a few choice words for the town of Mascoutah.

Playboy Double H’s journey into the wrestling world is rooted in childhood memories and a passion passed down through generations. “I grew up watching wrestling with my dad at the age of 3, and after attending numerous Indy shows as a teenager, I told my dad I wanted to be a wrestler. He spoke to the promoter, and that’s how my career began,” the NGW Wrestler of the Year shared.

Inspired by iconic moments in wrestling history, Playboy Double H cited Hulk Hogan’s pivotal turn to the dark side during the nWo era on WCW as a defining influence. “When he turned heel and formed the nWo, it was epic and I knew then I wanted to be the bad guy,” he revealed.

For Playboy Double H, being a professional wrestler is not just a career; it’s a love affair with the sport, the fans, and the adrenaline rush that comes with every match. “I love the interaction with fans, especially kids. I love the thrill and the nerves of each match. I love to hear the boos I get every time I come out,” he said, emphasizing the unique connection he shares with the audience.

Addressing the enjoyment he derives from the boos of the crowd, Playboy Double H explained, “I enjoy the booing because I know then that I’m doing my job like I’m supposed to do. The more booing, the more I know the people hate me, making me motivated to keep doing it.”

When asked about being chosen as Wrestler of the Year, Playboy Double H’s response was as bold as his in-ring persona. “Was there ever doubt that I wasn’t going to win? I mean, I am the only wrestler in NGW that matters, and I was truly the wrestler of the year,” he declared with characteristic confidence.

Acknowledging the support and challenges he faced, Playboy Double H gave a shout-out to his pYt members, calling them a family. He also expressed gratitude to his late father, “Pimpin” Al Blundy, his number one fan inside and outside the ring. “But most of all I want to shout out my late father “Pimpin” Al Blundy. He was truly my number one fan inside and outside the ring. I almost gave up wrestling after he passed in 2021 but I knew how much he enjoyed managing me and pYt and how much fun he had with the fans I had to keep going. Last, my kids. They really love the wrestling shows and love every aspect of the event. And to them I feel more like a superstar to them being not only their dad but a pro wrestler they can tell their friends about.”

Reflecting on the past year, Playboy Double H highlighted his intense matches with Ace Hawkins, stating, “Even though he’s a bit sour about losing to me yet again, I feel those matches this year put both of us over the top of everyone else in NGW.”

In a final jab at the town of Mascoutah, Playboy Double H didn’t hold back his thoughts. “Haha, the town sucks, the people suck, it smells, and to let them know I don’t suck. And hope they are all there to see me beat Ace one last time and make him quit and then prove to the fans that I don’t suck!”

With a dismissive wave, Playboy Double H concluded the interview, saying, “Are we done here? I have things to do!”

NGW’s next show will be on January 20 at 7:00 PM at the Leu Civic Center in Mascoutah.

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