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New Genesis Wrestling Sells Out Leu Civic Center with over 200 in Attendance

By Zachary Daum

New Genesis Wrestling (NGW) reached a milestone on Saturday, January 20, as their “The Next Level” event at the Leu Civic Center played to a packed house, selling out of physical tickets. An estimated 230 to 250 spectators were on the edge of their seats, witnessing a night of intense action, unexpected turns and shocking revelations.

The match results unfolded as follows:

Savage Triumphs Over Alister Crow: Savage secured a victory over Alister Crow via pinfall in a high-energy opening match.

Shrapnel Claims Victory Over Kato: Shrapnel emerged victorious against Kato, but the win came by disqualification when Kato resorted to a low blow.

Sid Holland Overcomes Tobias Storm: Sid Holland sealed the deal with a pinfall victory against Tobias Storm in a hard-fought battle.

Playboy Double H vs. Ace Hawkins (I Quit Match): Ace Hawkins emerged victorious as Playboy Double H passed out, prompting guest referee Monty Shaft to call the match.

After a brief intermission, unexpected challenges and substitutions added another layer of excitement: The Fam Challenges for Tag Team Championships: Due to Dexter Roswell’s illness, Michael Osiris stepped in as Logan Ridge’s tag team partner.

The Fam secured a victory via count-out. However, titles do not change hands in such scenarios, allowing The Executive Order to retain the NGW Tag Team Championships.

“The Prodigal Son” Jake Prater vs. “The Modern Viking” D.K.: Jake Prater achieved victory by pinfall in an intense showdown.

The night reached its climax with the main event: NGW Heavyweight Championship Match: Chris Kade vs. Pretty Boy Floyd (Freak Show Fun House): Chris Kade retained the NGW Heavyweight Championship by defeating Pretty Boy Floyd.

Shocking Twist: Tobias Storm, disguised as a member of the Freak Parade, betrayed Floyd and unmasked, revealing his true allegiance. Tobias’s interference allowed Kade to retain, making Tobias the fourth member of The New Deal. To add insult to injury, he produced one of El Magnifico’s masks, implying his involvement in the New Year’s Eve attack.

Looking ahead, NGW already has fans eagerly anticipating their next event on April 20th. Two thrilling matches have been announced:

Playboy Double H vs. Monty Shaft

Ace Hawkins vs. Chris Kade (NGW Championship Match)

As NGW continues to captivate audiences, “The Next Level” event has undoubtedly set a new standard for NGW as it continues to grow.

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  1. Anonymous on February 2, 2024 at 3:30 pm

    It was a fantastic show.
    What a great group of people!
    Can not wait for the next one!

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