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Stargazing Adventure Awaits: Mascoutah Public Library’s Star Party Event

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey through the cosmos at the Mascoutah Public Library’s highly anticipated Star Party event, set to illuminate the skies on Wednesday, March 13, from 6:30 to 8:00 PM. Located at 3 West Church St. Mascoutah, this event promises an evening of celestial exploration and astronomical excitement for attendees of all ages.

The Star Party offers a unique opportunity to learn about the upcoming solar eclipse and how to safely witness this rare celestial event. Hosted in collaboration with the St. Louis Astronomical Society, participants will have the chance to delve into the intricacies of eclipses and gain valuable insights into safe viewing practices.

Joel Pikora, Librarian at Mascoutah, provided insight into the event, stating, “The Star Party is a wonderful occasion for our community to come together and marvel at the wonders of the universe. With the solar eclipse on the horizon, we’re thrilled to partner with the St. Louis Astronomical Society to offer educational opportunities and a chance to experience the cosmos firsthand.”

Weather permitting, attendees will have the opportunity to venture outside and gaze upon the stars, the moon, and other celestial wonders through telescopes provided by the Astronomical Society. Imagine immersing yourself in the beauty of the night sky, guided by knowledgeable astronomers who will point out constellations, planets, and other celestial phenomena.

One of the highlights of the evening is the distribution of eclipse glasses, generously provided by STAR NET and SEAL. Each attendee will receive a pair of eclipse glasses, ensuring safe viewing of the solar eclipse when the time comes. Joel explained, “Safety is our top priority, and we want to ensure that everyone can enjoy the eclipse without risking their eyesight.”

In addition to the Star Party, Mascoutah Public Library has an array of exciting events planned for the community. Joel mentioned an upcoming collaboration with The Leu Civic Center for a viewing event in their green space on April 8. Furthermore, families are invited to participate in a fun-filled “Puzzle Race” on March 9, offering entertainment for puzzle enthusiasts of all ages.

The Puzzle Race has become a popular event at the library, featuring vibrant puzzles ranging from delectable donuts to adorable pets frolicking in the snow. Joel shared, “The Puzzle Race is a great way for families to bond and enjoy some wholesome entertainment together. We’re excited to continue hosting this event and fostering community engagement.”

Beyond the Star Party and Puzzle Race, Mascoutah Public Library has a diverse lineup of events in the works, including an open house and a fascinating talk titled “How to Find an Owl in your Neighborhood” on April 17. The talk will be led by award-winning naturalist Mark H.X. Glenshaw, known as “The Owl Man,” who will share his expertise on identifying and observing owls in local neighborhoods.

Whether you’re a seasoned astronomer or a curious novice, Mascoutah Public Library’s Star Party event offers an unforgettable opportunity to explore the mysteries of the cosmos and deepen your appreciation for the universe. Mark your calendars for March 13 and prepare for an evening of stargazing, learning, and celestial wonder.

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