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Who was at Jazz in the Park on May 12?

The Junior High Jazz Band, playing their final song of the day at Scheve Park during Jazz in the Park on Friday, May 12.

By Jade Marceau-Mary

Shame on you if you missed it, but Jazz in the Park was last Friday at the Scheve Park Train Depot last Friday at 6 p. m. For this event The Mascoutah High School and Mascoutah Middle School Jazz bands worked together on the show and the Mascoutah High School Leadership Program was here to provide you with your favorite meals.


The Mascoutah High School Leadership Program is a program the Mascoutah High School started this year as an idea from their new principal. This program is in partnership with the Green Mount Commons Chick Fil’A of Belleville which provides them with an agenda, giving them themes and videos for each of their monthly meetings to help students develop their leadership skills through team-building exercises, games, discussions, and community projects. 


“These are the students who do not normally take on leadership roles in clubs, activities, and sports. This is for them to gain leadership skills, and to help them build their resume,” Anita Kearney explained, secretary at the Mascoutah High School Registrar.


Keaney said they hope Mascoutah High School continue this program, explaining that, “some of the students have found a voice, they have found a leadership role within themselves and within their group, so it is definitely benefiting these students to have leadership roles that they normally wouldn’t have in other clubs, activities, or sports. We see changes, we see them speak up, we see them participate, and that’s what we were looking for.” 


Application for the program will start in August and end in mid-September, a bit prior to the first meeting. No leadership experience is required to apply, students willing to apply for the program only need to submit a resume and a recommendation for one of their teachers.


“This is an opportunity for students to be part of programs that they normally wouldn’t participate in, in order to build their resumes for senior scholarships and things like that they would be applying to, so the junior year is the best year to participate,” Kearney said.

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  1. Anonymous on May 19, 2023 at 11:44 am

    Awesome job. Maybe next year have it more often with more food truck options.

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