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Chris Kade at NGW Discusses Career

Chris Kade celebrating a victory

By Zachary Daum


New Genesis Wrestling Champion Chris Kade is an up and coming wrestling powerhouse, who has consistently shocked and riled every crowd he’s appeared in front of in Mascoutah since NGW began holding monthly shows at the Leu Civic Center. Definitively the definition of a heel, the wrestling term for villain or in simpler terms, the one you root against, Kade always riles up the crowd with his techniques.

From the nearby city of Festus, MO, Kade discussed how he became a wrestler. “I grew up watching wrestling. I never really knew that there were any indie shows but I always watched it on TV. My dad’s friend got me into the indie scene. He took me to a show, it was SICW (Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling). They were opening the school with Bob Orton.

“Cowboy” Bob Orton is a now retired wrestler who began in 1972. His career took him to promotions all over the United States, including WWF (World Wrestling Federation), now WWE. He is also the father of St. Louisian and WWE star Randy Orton. He opened up the Ace Wrestling Academy in 2018.

Kade continued. “I enrolled, trained for six months and then had my first match with Atilla Khan. After that I took off from there. COVID hit and I quit wrestling there and started traveling. In 2022 I went to Tennessee for three months and trained with Dr. Tom Prichard and Kane at The Jacobs-Prichard Wrestling Academy.”

Dr. Tom Prichard, another retired wrestling legend, began in 1979 and wrestled under his own name, while Glen “Kane” Jacobs, who debuted in 1992 wrestled primarily under the name “Kane.” They opened their wrestling academy in 2019.

“I came back (to the area) and two months after I came back I wrestled for IWA (International Wrestling Association), won the championship there, held onto it for a year and lost it in December of last year to Sid Holland. I took two months off, came back and in June of this year I won the NGW Championship. I’ve been on a roll.”

Kade became the champion after cashing in the NGW Right to Fight Heavyweight contract, which granted him the title shot at any time. He defeated Marcellus Knyght in April of 2023 at Melee in Mascoutah. He has held the title ever since.

When asked about NGW, Kade was very positive about his experience at the organization overall. “I think NGW is great. The locker room, the management, everything. The town isn’t bad, surprisingly. The crowd can cheer for who they want but at the end of the day I’m still going to be the champion. All I’m worried about is walking in as champion and walking out as champion.”

Kade also spoke about how great NGW has been so far and his hopes for the future. “I grew up watching WWE, but I feel like you have more fun on the indies. (NGW) has only been around for a year but the group, the locker room, is great. Management, they make sure everything runs smoothly and I hope they are around for years to come, even when I’m retired. Every wrestler’s dream is to make it to the big show. There’s just so many wrestlers out there and sometimes you can be overlooked. Being in the business you have to have that mindset. Even though I’m not on a big show I’m still a professional wrestler. I’ve made it.”

Kade also delved into his most intense wrestling bout and expressed his passion for his chosen profession as a wrestler. “Match-wise, my most brutal match was a steel chair match with Sid Holland, because we just tore each other down. I broke my hand in that match. Otherwise, I don’t really know. I just want to go in there, put on the show, do my thing. I don’t care if I get boo’d or cheered. If I can put a smile on somebody’s face by hurting somebody or getting hurt, hey, I’m satisfied.”

NGW Promoter Justin Savage discussed Forsaken. “With it being close to halloween we are going with its a night of “freaks and monsters” so Kade is putting his title on the line against The Freak and his teammates in The New Deal faction, The Executive Order, are putting their tag titles on the line against the monsters, the team of Preacher and SAVAGE known as ‘The Omen.’”

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