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Mascoutah’s Betty Ann Market Announces Acquisition of Flowers, Ballons, Etc.

Craig Norrenberns made the announcement that Betty Ann Market would be acquiring Flowers, Ballons, Etc. at the Chamber of Commerce yearly dinner, where both he, left, and Kathy Welker, right, owner of Flowers, Balloons, Etc spoke of their excitement of the acquisition.

By Zachary Daum

Craig Norrenberns, owner of Betty Ann Market, unveiled the acquisition of Flowers, Balloons, Etc. during the Mascoutah Chamber of Commerce Dinner on Saturday, Jan. 20.

Flowers, Balloons, Etc. has been a fixture in the Mascoutah business landscape for over three decades, having first opened its doors in 1990. Over the years, the business has fostered a substantial and loyal customer base, becoming a cherished part of the community.

Kathy Welker, the proprietor of Flowers, Balloons, Etc., shared her perspective on the transition. “We were contemplating retirement, and I didn’t want to walk away from the community and not let them have the service that we provide. Craig happened to walk in one day and shot me the idea of moving in down there (at Betty Ann Market), and that was the answer to my prayers.”

Welker, who has been at the helm of Flowers, Balloons, Etc. since its inception, expressed her commitment to maintaining the same level of service in the new location within Betty Ann Market. “We’re looking at continuing the same service, you know. We will still be doing funerals and everyday floral deliveries.”

Norrenberns discussed the acquisition process and his hopes for the future. “We thought through what it would be like to see her retire and leave the community without a florist in town, and we felt like that would be a large void we didn’t want to see happen in Mascoutah.”

He elaborated on the vision behind the acquisition. “We thought, ‘what if we were to expand our floral here in the store?’ When I approached her about the idea, she was excited about the potential to collaborate. Betty Ann Market is purchasing Flowers, Balloons, Etc., and we are excited to have her join our team in March.”

The goal extends beyond the immediate transition, as Norrenberns emphasized the importance of continuity. “Our goal is to also find someone that will want to learn from her and continue whenever the time comes that she does retire. For her, it’s more than just beautiful flowers; it’s about relationships and serving her people well. We commend her for her 34 years of doing that, and we are excited about what the future will look like as she continues doing that here at Betty Ann Market.”

Welker expressed her gratitude to the community for their support over the years. “I would just like to thank everybody for supporting me all of these years. I appreciate it, and it has made me a lot of good friends and good customers. I hope to see them in the new location, and I also wanted to thank Craig very much for giving me this opportunity.”

Flowers, Balloons, Etc. is slated to make its move into Betty Ann Market in March or early April of this year, marking a new chapter in its longstanding presence in Mascoutah. The community eagerly anticipates the continuation of the beloved floral services under the roof of Betty Ann Market.


  1. Anonymous on February 2, 2024 at 10:11 am

    Kathy and Bob Welker have run a great business. I am glad to see it will continue. Good to see current and future investments in Mascoutah. Good luck to all.

  2. Anonymous on January 27, 2024 at 11:48 am

    Hey, this is Brian The Heating And Cooling Guy here in Mascoutah. I just wanna share my thoughts. I have bought flowers many times from the flower shop here in Mascoutah. They’ve always had great customer service and have taken care of me and have been prompt on their deliveries. I think this transition for the future will definitely benefit everybody.

  3. Anonymous on January 24, 2024 at 5:47 pm

    Love Flowers, Balloons, Etc. Fantastic people, fabulous arrangements.

  4. Anonymous on January 24, 2024 at 4:02 pm

    Local companies that care about their community !!

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