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Hawkins Appointed Interim City Manager

By Pamela Rensing

During the Mascoutah City Council executive session held on Monday, Oct. 16, former City Manager Cody Hawkins was appointed interim City Manager.

Hawkins replaces Rebecca “Becky” Ahlvin who was terminated by the council on Thursday, Oct. 5.  Reasons for the termination were not made public.

In August 2018, Hawkins resigned from his position as City Manager due to personal reasons.

According to Mayor Pat McMahan, the interim position will be in place for six months.  At that time, a permanent City Manager will be appointed.  Hawkins will begin his duties on November 1.

“We are excited to welcome Cody back,” McMahan stated.  “He offers a lot of experience and expertise to the position, and will be an asset to the City.

Items on the regular agenda included:

• Written report by Scott Waldrup, Public Safety Director – In September, City personnel responded to 12 accidents.  The Mascoutah Police Department issued: 52 traffic citations, 91 warnings, and two City tickets.  Four arrests were made: three warrants and one adult arrest.  There were 43 Public Service Calls: 18 Well Being Checks, 10 Vehicle Lockouts, two Standby/Peace Officer, and 13 Assists Agencies.

The Mascoutah Ambulance Department had 133 calls during September.

• Written report from Jesse Carlton, Public Works Director: The Public Works Department completed 823 work orders in September.

Some, but not all, of the work orders completed by the Street Department include:

-repaired damaged street and stop signs a Winnebago Way and Kankakee Trail;

-2023 Oil & Chip Program: swept streets in the program, sprayed weeds on edges of streets, trimmed low hanging branches in streets, cold patched potholes and damaged areas, dura patched damaged areas, pushed up deliveries of CM 16 trap rock from Beelman at stockpile, set up and took down temporary no parking signs.

-ran street sweeper across newly oiled and chipped streets to remove excess trap rock.

Some, but not all, of the work orders completed by the Water Department included:

-worked with contractor on inspections of the City’s water tower and storage tank;

-assisted the Street Department with Oil and Chip;

-worked on winterizing the City Pool;

-cleaned sewer mains in various areas of town.

Some, but not all, of the work orders completed by the Electric Department included:

-repaired bad secondary electric on Michelle Dr;

-removed old transformer and junction cabinet from South Breaker Station;

-moved primary electric for townhomes at 10th and South St;

-installed electric service to Boeing water meter vault;

-installed underground electric for lights on Lebanon St;

-repaired underground electric in easement behind Adam Ct.

• Council members approved the alley vacation between 919 West Church St. and 922 West Green St.

• Electric Service Agreement – (First reading) – Councilmen discussed the first reading of adopting Electric Service Regulations.  This ordinance would formalize the regulations, practices, and general requirements for the connection of electric service facilities and utilization equipment.  These rules provide for the use of customers, contractors, consultants and other persons engaged in the planning or construction of buildings and the installation or replacement of equipment connected served by the City’s electric system.


  1. Anonymous on October 26, 2023 at 6:49 pm

    Welcome back.

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    • Anonymous on November 2, 2023 at 10:41 pm

      Glad he is getting a 2nd chance. Hopefully over the personal issues and can lead the city again

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